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Providing Wi-Fi over 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz for individuals
And for the small businesses and Cyber Cafes we have the WiMAX for the best quality of service

Being a reseller of SkyVision the leading global provider of Internet services over satellite, we are proud to provide the best services with competitive overall costs.

Web Host and Web Design

If you were one of the people who cares that they have a presence on the Internet and benefiting from the Internet and its different services then you are now in the suitable place.

We carry out all sites services from recording the sites scopes and their hosting on the newest servers (that enables you from the very fast web browsing), and the propaganda to them by all of the means.

Briefly we carry out the services of the sites from the beginning to the end, do not preoccupy your mind a lot, you may only contact us and we will do the rest.